Saturday, 27 March 2010

Balanced Fitness

Balanced fitness has eluded most of humanity for time immemorial. Many of us spend our hard earned money on personal training, physiotherapy and so forth, but we usually finish up doing our bodies no good at all for our efforts. Why is this so? Well, in the fifties it began to be claimed that low to moderate intensity exertion for long periods of time was the optimal method to strengthen our hearts and lungs. Believe it or not, but this decision was reached in the absence of any actual evidence, but it was soon proclaimed as scientific truth around the world. In reality there is not anything scientific about it at all.

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Thankfully for us today, genuine science has intervened; a recent Harvard study shows the harmful effects that ‘cardio’ exercise has on our health, and it guides the way towards the actual path to optimal, balanced fitness. You thought long distance runners are healthy? Not by a long way! Did you know the original marathon runner, after completing his famous run from the town of Marathon to Athens, died almost straight away from the harm he had done to his body?

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I understand all of this sounds strange initially, but I will explain what’s going on. Whenever we put our bodies under physical stress, they forge adaptive responses relative to the nature of the stress. The reason a bodybuilder's muscles get bigger is that he exerts them to the extent where it is not physically possible for them to do another repetition. His body registers this as a failure that must be corrected so it does not occur again, so his muscular fibres become a little bigger after each workout so that they can perform for longer than they were able to before. That’s an adaptive response. The adaptive responses that happen inside our bodies following the cardio exercise we’re so frequently told to do involve our lungs becoming smaller, and our hearts becoming weaker than they were before. It’s important to understand that aerobics has been a part of the mainstream conception of healthy exercise for many years, and time can grant a great deal of perceived legitimacy to a concept, and that’s the true reason why EVERYONE, even personal trainers and sports coaches, advise people to practice aerobics, it's got nothing to do with the real scientific evidence.

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An effective training regime enables you to achieve balanced health and fitness by raising your cardiovascular capacity, therefore raising your energy levels, slowing down the oxidative process, accelerating fat metabolisation, and decreasing your chance of death by any cause. It should also enable you to achieve strength without the pitfalls of standard weight training, such as herniated discs, back pain, and neck pain. Unlike so much of the fitness recommendations that we're bombarded with at every corner, the regime we recommend is backed by solid scientific evidence, and that's why we're convinced it's the best exercise regimen in the world, and will remain so for some time to come. You can view it by completing the form on the top right of the page.